Let’s get started!

Pin MapsDirections to your browser for easy access and managing the app. Simply click on the puzzle icon in the upper right of your browser and select the pin icon in the menu.

How to use?

Just a few simple tips on how to use the extension...

Start typing desired address

Click on the input field and start typing an address. Pick your location from prediction list to add it to your route.


Reorder your stops

If you need to reorder your stops, click and hold handle bar on the right. Then just simply pull it up or down to make change.


How to remove stop?

Did you added more that needed or plan has been changed? While hovering items, remove button will appear. Just click to remove it.

How to Manage MapsDirections?

Just a few simple tips on how to manage the widget...

Activate the Widget

While on any website, click on the floating button to open the widget.


Disable the Widget

To hide the button and widget, hover over the button to trigger the "power" button. Click the button to choose the best option.


Reactivate the Widget

Click the MapsDirections widget icon in your browser's toolbar.

We Are Here to Help!

Click on the MapsDirections icon on your browser anytime to learn how to use this widget, turn the widget on and off, or to leave us a review. Enjoy!